ProdJus has an ambitious outputs schedule to maintain in terms of workshops, publications and scientific communication. We will update our outputs as they are completed, but most publications will be made available in 2018 and 2019. We host some events before that time and provide information on them here. Please also see the ProdJus home page for updates on other activities.

Events (Completed)

FLEGT Environmental Justice Workshop

On April 12, 1016, ProdJus and IIED hosted a workshop in London comprising 23 participants from policy-makers, timber industry companies, NGOs, and academia. We discussed FLEGT and the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and its impacts on different types of stakeholders in the timber and wood production industries from forest to retail shop. We exchanged experiences, ideas, opinions among sectors involved in forests and wood products and raised several points that are important to communicate to a broad range of stakeholders. The discussion guide we gave to the groups is here.

The notes from the session are available here:  UEA IIED FLEGT Workshop Notes

We benefited from not only the discussion and getting to know people involved in FLEGT, timber and wood product trading and advocates of local forest users in the Global South, but we were also able to refine our research plan based on the discussions.

Events (Planned)

We will host a conference related to our work in the second half of 2018. Watch this space for more detail.


Our publications will be submitted in 2018 to academic journals, with a strong preference to open-access publications. We will list them here as they are published. We will also produce policy briefs and upload links to newspaper articles that we write.