Our interviews

Someone from ProdJus wants to interview you?

If someone from ProdJus has contacted you for an interview, here is a little bit of information about what to expect.

  1. We contacted you because we believe that you have something important to say. We are interested in your thoughts related to your field of expertise or experience. We plan over 500 interviews with industry stakeholders, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, and rural people producing timber. You don’t have to be an expert on FLEGT or EU timber trade policies (although we will talk to those experts).
  2. If you are not sure how our research is relevant for you, let us try to show you why we think it is. Click here for some of our thoughts about why our research is important to your sector.
  3. Our interview method focuses on a conversation between you and the interviewer. We don’t use strict questionnaires and are interested in what you know from your own experiences. We have some guides that help us to ask you questions that are relevant to your work, but the interviewers also have flexibility to talk about what other things are important to you pertaining to timber and wood furniture trade between the EU and other timber and furniture producing countries.
  4. You have control over whether or not to proceed with with the interview. Our researchers will explain our research to you. We will ask your consent to proceed with the interview after you know what our research is about. You also have the choice to stop the conversation at any time or to choose not to answer specific questions. After finishing the discussion, you may also add or delete information by talking to us. You may also withdraw your statements altogether any time within three (3) months of the interview.
  5. You may bring a trusted friend or colleague to the interview if you wish.
  6. You may ask for our notes on the interview.
  7. By default, we will not publish any of the following:
    • The names of any municipality with under 50,000 residents
    • The names of individuals interviewed
  8. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we may publish the names of government departments, and the positions of a high-ranking official who we interview. For companies and organisations, we use generic titles such as “a senior manager” or “a buyer”, and may use the name of the company if it is relevant to our publication if we have your permission. If we didn’t ask you about anonymity, then by default neither your name nor organisation will be published.
  9. We take data security seriously and have a system developed in which our notes are anonymous and even our own team needs a key to see who was interviewed. For anything we publish, we will respect the level of anonymity that you specify.
  10. If you have any issues with the interview or interviewer, you may contact the lead researcher in confidence using our contact form on this website.

You want to be interviewed for ProdJus?

If you have something to say about EU timber trade with Indonesia, Ghana or Vietnam, we will be happy to hear from you. Please contact us if you would like to talk.

What will we do with the results of the interviews?

We process interview responses using a scientific method of qualitative data analysis. Once we learn what interview respondents (you and others) say about a topic, and what types of respondents say what types of things, then we will form an analysis together with other kinds of data (from trade data, other publications or media for example) and publish the information. Our publications include:

  • academic articles aimed to inform theory about issues of timber trade regulation and justice issues (we will make as many of these open-access as possible)
  • policy briefs aimed at informing policy makers about the issues we find in our research
  • newspaper articles aimed at informing the public about the issues we find in our research