Financial support for women ECRs to attend in Copenhagen




This funding will pay for costs associated with attendance of the following TWO events in Copenhagen, Denmark:

  1. Timber Legality Research Symposium, October 17, 2018.
  2. Forests & Livelihoods: Assessment, Research, Engagement (FLARE) Annual Meeting, October 17-19, 2018.



The Candidate will:

  1. identify as a woman of any age;
  2. currently be enrolled in PhD studies or have completed a PhD within the last five years (any discipline);
  3. not require, or already possess a visa to enter Denmark (sorry, the timeline is too short), and
  4. demonstrate (through research or professional experience) an interest in the themes related to the Conferences, and especially timber legality.


Women who are a national, resident, or person who can reasonably claim to be a refugee from a Least Developed Country will be preferred.



The conference organisers recognise that the costs associated with attending conferences in Europe can be prohibitive, and particularly for early career researchers. Further, we recognise the systemic barriers for women to engage in such conferences, which may present opportunities to expand networks, learn about cutting edge research, and generally grow professionally.



Interested candidates should send their expression of interest to Dr Rodd Myers at no later than September 15, 2018. The expression of interest should include:

  1. A letter of introduction, explicitly confirming alignment with the Requirements and the Candidate’s closest international airport (max 1 page).
  2. A statement that demonstrates the candidate’s motivation to attend the conferences, with suggestions on how participation may benefit her career and research (max 300 words).
  3. A budget of costs, which can include:
    1. Ground transport to and from home, airport and hotel
    2. Meals (during travel, dinner on the 16th, 17th and 19th – lunches during conference, breakfast in hotel and dinner on the 18th will be included)
    3. The cost of childcare at home (up to 12 years old) or in Copenhagen (for children under 2) when other options for childcare are not possible.


Note: UEA will pay directly for conference costs, hotel and airfare, but the above costs must be claimed by receipt for reimbursement. Successful financial assistance will be conditional on demonstration that visa requirements are met.


Unfortunately, we have only limited spaces and can only reply to successful candidates. We will respond by September 20.




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